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Trick Play by Veronica Eden (Signed)

Trick Play by Veronica Eden (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'Trick Play' by Veronica Eden! 


A Heston U Hotshots Prequel


Everyone in Heston Lake is obsessed with Heston U’s hockey team except me. I’d rather do a live reading from the spiciest romance on my bookshelf nude than talk hockey.

I could ignore my college town transforming into a sports bar during hockey season, but there’s no escaping the players fueling their obsession. My twin brother…and his best friend on the team.

#22. Alex Keller. Talented winger. The handsome hotshot player every girl on campus dreams of.

And my fake boyfriend for the next two weeks.

His idea, not mine.

I doubt he knew I existed—until he stops the football team from teasing me. All it takes is a pet name and his strong arm around me. Playing along is my only option.

I’m ready to go back to my side of the divide between nerds like me and athletes like Alex, but he refuses. He’s determined to protect me for real, even if our relationship is fake.

The only problem is…he’s too good at pretending. Our act fools everyone—including me.



  • hockey romance
  • fake dating
  • jock x nerd
  • brother’s best friend (and teammate 😏)
  • boy obsessed
  • bookish heroine


Content Warnings:

  • n/a
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