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Snap Shot by Ruby Rana (Signed)

Snap Shot by Ruby Rana (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'Snap Shot' by Ruby Rana! 

Books will ship in June.


Ottawa Regents - Book 1



So much for being the golden boy.

The once-fawning press called me the rising star of the NHL. Now they get their rocks off on the viral snap shot of my buck-naked backside mashed up against my penthouse’s window, tangled with an attention-hungry woman’s legs.

Goodbye, post-season winning streak. Goodbye, Stanley Cup. Goodbye, dating - not that I was doing much of that before.

My agent promises to make the rumors disappear by hiring the best lawyer in Ottawa. But Indira Davé's no longer the quiet, gawky goalie I played with in grade seven. She's all confidence and drive-you-insane curves. And that smart mouth of hers has me thinking about a thousand ways I could shut it up. Or have it scream my name.

She doesn’t trust me, but I can't unsee the real Indi. If she lets me in, I'll never let her go.


Nope. There's no way I still have that pubescent crush on Landon Radek. Doesn’t matter how outrageously good-looking he is, I won’t fall for his charm or dimpled smile this time.

I'm his lawyer. He's my lying-through-his-teeth client. And I hate him. For reasons I’d rather leave in the past.

A half-bottle of red wine has me blurting a precious secret and Landon comes up with a filthy proposition. If I accept it - BIG if with a capital I - I have strict rules.

Feelings are an absolute no-go. Both of our careers hinge on the utmost discretion. Though, the more he proves he’s still the boy I adored many years ago, the less control I have over my well-protected heart.



  • hockey player x lawyer
  • forced proximity
  • childhood friends to strangers to fwb to lovers
  • south asian diaspora rep
  • cinnamon roll mmc x smart-mouthed fmc
  • witty banter
  • pining + angst


Content Warnings:

  • Explicit Language
  • Some internalized fatphobia
  • microaggressions (directed towards the female main character by side/minor characters)
  • sexual content
  • mild recreational drug and alcohol use
  • Brief descriptions of past bullying (verbal and physical) and past sexual assault and otherwise mature themes.
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