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Lust, Love & Pixie Dust by Isabel Barreiro (Signed PRE ORDER)

Lust, Love & Pixie Dust by Isabel Barreiro (Signed PRE ORDER)

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This is a signed preorder for 'Lust, Love & Pixie Dust' by Isabel Barreiro! (Swag included)

Books will ship in June.


Lavender Falls Series - Book 2


It’s officially winter season in the magical small town of Lavender Falls and that means it’s about to be colder than a yeti’s balls. After the success of the Full Moon Fall Festival, Eleanor Silva is put in charge of the Whimsical Winter Wonderland Festival. For the ex party queen that’s no big deal. Until she finds out she has to work with the family she left behind eight years ago.

Caleb Kiernan is a quiet grumpy elf who loves running his bar, The Drunken Fairy Tale Tavern. There’s a reason Caleb likes to keep to himself. He’s been cursed. For years he has never had any reason to want to break it. But a certain flirty pixie has dug under his skin and he can’t resist her anymore.

This season there’s family drama, saving magic, breaking a curse and trying to find the time to get hot and heavy. Can two people who are polar opposites see the difference between love and lust or will everything explode like pixie dust?



  • friends with benefits
  • small town
  • flirty pixie
  • road trip
  • no kissing curse
  • grumpy elf
  • waterfall shenanigans


Content Warnings:

  • Explicit Language 
  • Open Door Sexual Scenes
  • Death of a Parent mentioned
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