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Keep Your Witches Close by Colette Rivera (Signed Book Plate)

Keep Your Witches Close by Colette Rivera (Signed Book Plate)

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This is a copy of 'Keep Your Witches Close' by Colette Rivera! (Book is not signed, but will have a signed book plate + swag included.)

Love & Magic book 2


Can a Witch who trusts no one count on an old rival to keep her safe?

Paranormal Investigator, Juliet Herrera has a painful past. A secret. She doesn’t need anyone from
before. Especially not a certain Witch who inspires as much lust as she does loathing.

Unfortunately, Juliet can’t seem to stay away from the woman.

Authority Witch, Mea Dubois swears Juliet used to like her. She’d give anything to get their friendship back, and more to follow the spark Juliet ignites… if only Juliet didn’t hate her.

When Witch disappearances bring Mea to town, Juliet resigns herself to working together. She didn’t expect to become the centre of the case.

A target.

Mea is tasked with keeping an eye on Juliet, who doesn’t like what being stuck with Mea is making her want…

Juliet has to decide, if she can’t face the threat alone, can she trust Mea with the truth? And what about with her heart?

Keep Your Witches close is a grumpy/sunshine forced proximity sapphic paranormal romance. Themes include: healing from past trauma and standing up to those in power. It is book two in the Love & Magic series but can be read as a stand alone, as each book features a different couple. HEA guaranteed! This book is intended for adult audiences. CWs can be found using the look inside feature or on the author's website.



  • Paranormal Investigators
  • Frenemies to Lovers
  • Forced Proximity
  • Secrets
  • Your Past Back to Haunt You
  • Sapphic Romance


Content Warnings:

  • Magical mind control
  • Gaslighting. Blackmail
  • Characters being framed for a crime (ultimately unsuccessfully)
  • Kidnapping of side characters
  • Victim blaming (challenged, and not in relation to SA)
  • Emotionally manipulative/abusive parental relationship
  • One instance of on page magical violence
  • Sexual content: intended for mature audiences only.
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