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Camera Chemistry by Chelsea Curto (Signed)

Camera Chemistry by Chelsea Curto (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'Camera Chemistry' by Chelsea Curto! 


Love Through A Lens - Book 1


When I agree to help my best friend with a photo shoot involving a stranger, I don’t expect to hit it off with the guy posing in the photos with me. Somehow, I do.

There’s an undeniable heat between us, and electric energy surges through my veins whenever he touches me. When he invites me back to his place for a one-night stand after we finish the shoot, I don’t even hesitate.

He’s attentive, funny, sweet and kind. And his mouth is downright filthy, hearing my fantasies and delivering on every one. It’s only twenty-four hours, no strings attached. That’s it. Except there’s one tiny problem; he makes me feel more alive than I have in my entire life.

I can’t stop thinking about him, and I’m wondering if he’s thinking about me, too. I try to tell myself it’s just camera chemistry. Adrenaline from a fun photography session, not actual attraction. There’s no way men like this exist in real life, is there? If so, Aiden Wood is the blueprint, and I’m the sucker who’s desperate for more of him. One night wasn’t enough.



  • single dad
  • one night stand
  • strangers to lovers
  • spicy to do list 
  • meddling friends
  • short king
  • realistic body types
  • crawling
  • he falls harder
  • quick read - less than 200 pages


Content Warnings:

  • Multiple EXPLICIT open-door scenes with on-page sexual content. It is graphic and detailed. If that isn't your jam, proceed with extreme caution.
  • Brief discussion of divorce and the mention of infidelity (no on-page scenes or detailed descriptions)
  • Brief discussion of IVF and infertility (no on-page scenes or detailed descriptions)
  • Brief discussion of self-consciousness relating to one's body
  • Explicit language
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