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Break Line by Sarah E. Green (Signed PRE ORDER)

Break Line by Sarah E. Green (Signed PRE ORDER)

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This is a signed preorder of 'Break Line' by Sarah E. Green! 

Books will ship in June.



Emery Lawson was on the path to follow her dad’s footsteps. Going pro in surfing had always been the plan. The dream. Until it wasn’t. Now, at nineteen, everyone thinks Emery is done surfing and, aside from two of her best friends, no one knows the truth. Emery hasn’t stopped surfing.

What was once her dream is now her little secret. But if she wants to go pro, that secret is going to have to come out. Twenty-two-year-old Sebastian “Bash” Cleaton has worked hard to get to where he is. For eight years he’s never had a day off, never taken a vacation. He is the best in his sport for a reason.

But the passion that once drove him to chase the waves is missing. And Bash—Bash is tired. When he escapes for a recharge in a small beach town, he never expects to crash into a girl who introduces him to a new life. Secrets, hardships, and relationships come out of this debut tale of starting over and never letting go of your dreams.



  • sports romance
  • found family
  • surfer x surfer
  • beach vibes
  • small town

Content Warnings:
  • Explicit Language
  • Open Door Sexual Content
  • Shark attack
  • Depression
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