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Behind the Camera by Chelsea Curto (Signed)

Behind the Camera by Chelsea Curto (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'Behind the Camera' by Chelsea Curto! (Swag Included - six art prints and seven stickers.)


Love Through A Lens - Book 3


Maven Wood is ready for a fresh start. After an injury on the soccer field leads to her dropping out of college, she needs a change.

When her godfather–the coach of the hottest team in the NFL–tells her about an open position as a sports photographer, she jumps at the chance to apply. The pay is good, but it doesn’t cover her rent after her roommate moves out. Out of ideas, she’s not sure how she’s going to afford to make ends meet… until the cute kicker comes to her rescue.

Dallas Lansfield never thought he’d be a single dad, but he’s embracing the role as best as he can. With a four-year-old that has too much energy and not enough time on his hands, he needs help.


So when he hears that his coach’s goddaughter is looking for a way to make more money, he practically begs her to come be his nanny.

Maven and Dallas aren’t allowed to fall for each other. Getting involved with a player on the team is off-limits and a quick way to get fired. But what starts as a professional relationship turns into something deeper.

In front of people, they’re colleagues. Behind the cameras, though, their attraction only grows. Late night talks turn into sharing a bed, and soon, Dallas would rather give up his career than give up the feelings he has for Maven.

He can’t have her. So why does he want her so damn bad?

Behind the Camera is a spicy single dad / nanny romance with no other woman drama and a guaranteed happily ever after.



  • single dad x nanny
  • roommates
  • soft boy with a dirty mouth
  • off-limits woman


Content Warnings:

  • explicit sexual themes including multiple descriptive intimate moments between two consenting adults and words that might be considered degrading (briefly mentioned)
  • explicit language
  • mention of divorce (brief, one scene)
  • parental abandonment (brief, one scene)
  • a concussion from a football injury (mentioned with light details)
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