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Alive at Night by Amelie Rhys (Signed)

Alive at Night by Amelie Rhys (Signed)

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This is a signed copy for 'Alive at Night' by Amelie Rhys! (Swag included)


Wildflower Series - Book 1


Former childhood enemies Julian and Juniper are forced to work together, but a simple exchange could change everything—he needs help with his case and she needs a fake boyfriend.

Julian Briggs has just landed his first job as an associate attorney. Everything feels perfect, until he learns he’s sharing his office with the last person he wants to see from nine-to-five every day: Juniper, his sister’s best friend and his childhood enemy.

Working with Juniper is a nightmare. She’s stubborn, challenges everything he says, and is way too good at her job. In fact, she’s so good that Julian is forced to ask her for help on a tough case. And while Juniper agrees, there’s one catch.

While Juniper’s never met her half-sister before, she finds herself with an invitation to her lavish New York wedding. With only a handful of stressful weeks to go until the big event, Juniper wants a fake boyfriend, and she wants Julian’s help getting his college roommate, Noah, to play the role.

Julian reluctantly goes along with the trade, but spending long, late nights working on his case with Juniper makes him realize how surprisingly well he can tolerate her company. Or more than tolerate. And when Noah bails on being Juniper’s fake wedding date, Julian is ready to step in. But he promises himself he’ll never let her know how happy he is to stand by her side—even if just for one night.



  • Childhood Best Friend's Brother
  • Found family 
  • Protective MMC
  • It's Always Been You
  • Hints of Fake Dating
  • Workplace Romance


Content Warnings:

  • Alive at Night contains explicit sexual content which includes sex scenes in semi-public settings and toy-play. Alive at Night also contains mentions of medical trauma and internalized challenges with adoption. Please be advised before reading
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