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Yours, Unexpectedly by Rachel Lewis (Signed PRE ORDER)

Yours, Unexpectedly by Rachel Lewis (Signed PRE ORDER)

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This is a signed preorder of 'Yours, Unexpectedly' by Rachel Lewis! 

Books will ship in June.



Bex Bardot is in the final semester of her senior year at Hawthorne University. She’s so close to graduation, she can taste it. The only hitch in her plans? A missing fine arts credit in the form of Introduction to Acting, TA’d by none other than Anders Olsson — her brother’s best friend and roommate, and her not-so-secret teenage crush.

Anders Olsson has finally put some of the pieces of his life back together after a failed attempt at a Broadway career delivered him to rock bottom. He’s going to therapy, he’s found a way to use his ADHD to his advantage, and he’s embraced a life of sobriety. The only thing with the potential to derail his perfectly rebuilt life? A run-in with Bex Bardot — his best friend’s little sister and someone he’s intentionally avoided since coming back to Hawthorne.

Now that Bex and Anders are forced to spend more time together, buried feelings are returning to the surface. Can Anders convince Bex that he’s a changed man? Can Bex learn to accept the love she deserves? They’ll have to trust each other if they ever want their relationship to take center stage.



  • brothers best friend
  • FWB to lovers
  • theater kids
  • forbidden love (he’s her TA!)
  • neurodiversity rep (MMC has ADHD)
  • found family
  • rom-com!


Content Warnings:
  • Explicit Language
  • Open Door Sexual Content
  • Previous alcohol addiction (main character)
  • Toxic parents - father of a main character
  • Sexism/misogyny
  • Very brief on page attempt at assault - nothing sexual happens but it is alluded to being desired.
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