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Witch Boyfriend Wanted by Colette Rivera (Signed Book Plate)

Witch Boyfriend Wanted by Colette Rivera (Signed Book Plate)

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This is a copy of 'Witch Boyfriend Wanted' by Colette Rivera! (Book is not signed, but will have a signed book plate + swag included.)

Love & Magic book 4


When you need a Witchy boyfriend but not a real one.

Luca Belmonte is sick of being set up. All his father wants is for him to marry well and progress his standing in Witch society. Luca wants to be left alone. He’s overwhelmed with work and needs a plan to get his father off his back. A fake relationship should do the trick. He just needs to find someone to play along.

If only his friend Marci wasn’t convinced he should go on one last date… For real.

Theo Landon is in a rut. It’s the only reason he takes a chance on a blind date. The man he meets is hot. Charming. Someone from his past he never wants to see again. The night is an epic disaster. But Theo has a secret. He’s been lying to almost everyone about being in a steady relationship, and when he gets spotted with Luca assumptions get out of hand.

So the two agree to fake it, just for a while.

Only Luca isn’t as bad as Theo thought. He’s just the Witch Theo needs, especially when things start to go wrong at his apothecary shop. But they can’t fake it forever and will need to decide if they can risk their feelings turning real.

Witch Boyfriend Wanted is a low angst fake-dating mm paranormal romance. HEA guaranteed! It's the fourth book in the Love & Magic series but can be read as a stand alone. Each book features a different couple. While the books are best enjoyed in order if you intend to read them all, this book has the fewest series spoilers. Intended for adult audiences. CWs can be found using the look inside feature or on the author's website.



  • Gay & Bi Main Characters
  • Fake Dating
  • Low Angst
  • Only One Bed
  • A Stressed Out Witch Lawyer
  • A Sweet Apothecary
  • Magic Tea
  • A Mysterious Crystal
  • Meddlesome Families
  • So Many Feelings
  • Communication & Vulnerability
  • Seduce Me In The Woods


Content Warnings:

  • Anxiety
  • Mentions of past depression
  • Past death of a relative and mentor
  • Career burnout and associated stress
  • Manipulative parenteral relationship
  • Gaslighting by side characters (often challenged)
  • Scene containing violence (minor: magical and physical)
  • Sexual Content: intended for mature audiences only.
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