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Under The Lies by Sarah E. Green (Signed PRE ORDER)

Under The Lies by Sarah E. Green (Signed PRE ORDER)

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This is a signed preorder of 'Under The Lies' by Sarah E. Green! 

Books will ship in June.



Six years.

That’s how long I was able to stay away.

To ignore the call back home.

I could’ve stayed away longer. Could’ve stayed away forever, but I came back for someone who’s now gone.

Leaving me alone.

I thought it’d be safe. That I’d be okay back in a city that’s always felt more like my prison, but then he took notice.

Noah Kincaid. My tormentor, my first crush. My devil.

And he’s not only after me. Something was taken from him. Something he requires my help with to get back.

Six years ago, I left this city unscathed by the man who ruled my teenage angst.

Now? I don’t think I’ll be as lucky.



  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Fake Dating
  • Forced Proximity
  • Siblings Ex
  • Suspense

Content Warnings:
  • Death of a family member (off page)
  • Explicit Language
  • Open Door Sexual Content
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