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The Way You See Me by Katherine Bitner (Signed)

The Way You See Me by Katherine Bitner (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'The Way You See Me' by Katherine Bitner! 



Sometimes love hides in all the messy places.

Scarlett Ray’s life has never been steady. Every few months, there’s a new apartment, a new job, a new boyfriend…

The only constant is Daisy, her unruly shelter dog, and the man who raised Scarlett — Gramps. So when Gramps calls from the hospital, Scarlett abandons her messy life yet again, and heads to the coast to take care of him.

But being closer to Gramps means being closer to her past — a past that promised a version of herself that Scarlett lost somewhere along the way. And without the safety of distance between them, the messy truth keeps threatening to spill out.

Determined to show Gramps he can rely on her, Scarlett commits to rekindling her relationship with him as he recovers. And much to Scarlett’s resistance, the devilishly handsome guy next door is committed to reconnecting with her.

When an unexpected visitor suddenly appears on Gramps’s doorstep, Scarlett finds herself confronted by a truth that reopens wounds she thought had long turned to scars.

With the past and future vying for her attention, Scarlett is forced to make a choice: live with the mess she’s created, or place her trust in someone who has always let her down — herself.



  • sweet with heat romance
  • character-driven storylines
  • realistic romance
  • edgy characters
  • adorable dogs
  • laughter
  • tears
  • found family
  • grumpy x sunshine
  • a sweet read under 200 pages


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