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The Fate Philosophy by Sarah A. Bailey (Signed PRE ORDER)

The Fate Philosophy by Sarah A. Bailey (Signed PRE ORDER)

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This is a signed preorder of 'The Fate Philosophy' by Sarah A. Bailey! (Swag included)

Books will ship in June.



Following the long overdue break-up from her insufferable ex-boyfriend, Macie Cunningham was ready for a fresh start.

She thought she’d find that new beginning when she impulsively moved to Los Angeles with her best friend, but after six months here, all she’s discovered is that her life is strenuously the same. The same career—one she’s not so sure she still loves. The same hobbies— or lack thereof. And romance? Painfully non-existent. That’s actually the only new experience she’s had since she decided to start over. She’s tried dating, but can’t seem to find that spark she’s looking for. Save for one exception.

Dominic Evans.

Her roommate’s best friend and the biggest pain in her ass. Macie and Dom’s constant head-butting is more infuriating than desirable, but somehow it always feels like foreplay? With her mind on the cusp of pure lust and pure vexation every time she’s around him, Macie decides it’s best to just stay away from Dom entirely.

Until Macie’s roommates head out of town for the holidays, and she finds herself alone in her apartment with hazardous Christmas trees, head injuries, and a barren kitchen. Annoyingly, Dom can’t seem to stop coming to Macie’s rescue, and she isn’t quite sure why, or how long she can continue holding back her desires.

As their attraction becomes explosive, Macie realizes there may be more to Dominic Evans than that arrogant cunning, that smart-ass mouth, and that obnoxiously charming smile.

Not that it matters, anyway. Once the holidays pass and their friends return home, Macie and Dom’s intense chemistry will fizzle out. They’ll go back to the same old frenemies they always were… right?




  • Holiday rom-com
  • Hate to love
  • Friends with benefits
  • He falls first
  • Forced proximity


Content Warnings:

  • Explicit language & sexual content
  • Overdose & death of a family member (past, off page)
  • Toxic relationship (past, off page)
  • Kinks/light BDSM
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