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Stepping Up To The Plate by Kat Summers (Signed)

Stepping Up To The Plate by Kat Summers (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'Stepping Up To The Plate' by Kat Summers! 


Nashville Songbirds - Book 2


No one wants to catch their husband cheating. Especially in his office. With his coworker. And his brother.

After a messy breakup, Lola moves to Nashville to be closer to her cousin and friends. While rediscovering her wants, needs, and voice, she finds something she wasn’t looking for: Brady Miller.

After a decade of playing in the MLB, Brady is feeling the itch for something more. That more comes in the form of a sweet, resilient beauty who moved into his building.

The couple navigates a budding relationship while also reaching for their dreams. Add a rambunctious friend group, toe-tingling banter, a heap of spice, and determined MMC, and you have a recipe for a whirlwind romance.

If only things were always that simple…

Stepping Up to the Plate is a spicy sports romance that follows newly single Lola as she overcomes past baggage and learns to trust the stoic yet caring Miller. If you like a he falls first, possessive alpha hero with daddy vibes and a healing yet strong female lead who won’t let him push her around, this book is for you!

SUTP is the second book in the Nashville Songbirds Series and part of the Nashverse interconnected universe to come. It is a full-length, 18+ open door contemporary romcom with a guaranteed HEA!



  • one night stand gone wrong
  • healing FMC x possessive doting MMC
  • found family
  • he falls first
  • spice


Content Warnings:

  • Explicit Language
  • Open Door Sexual Content
  • Substance abuse/parental abandonment (off page)
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