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Shot in the Dark by Mary Dublin & Anne Kendsley (Signed)

Shot in the Dark by Mary Dublin & Anne Kendsley (Signed)

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This is a signed paperback of 'Shot in the Dark' by Mary Dublin & Anne Kendsley! (Art Print included)


Shot in the Dark series - Book 1


Obey the curfew. Never fly past Elysia’s boundaries. Above all — never speak to humans.

For twenty-one summers, Sylvia has evaded the ironclad rules set by her village, driven by an insatiable curiosity to know the world beyond the confines of the willow her fellow fairies call home. Her ventures often lead her to the vacant human mansion beyond Elysia’s forest, where ghosts whisper and ancient treasures beckon in the darkness.

Her exploration is shattered by a bullet through her wing— courtesy of Jon and Cliff, seasoned monster hunters who suspect her involvement in gruesome disappearances. A harrowing captivity transforms into an unlikely alliance when Sylvia saves Jon’s life by sealing a magical pact with the enigmatic Ancients— fae powers who demand a cryptic price. Sylvia is left with no choice but to stay by Jon’s side while he and Cliff hunt for a ruthless werewolf, determined to free herself from the Ancients’ settlement.

As the dangerous hunt unfolds, Sylvia finds that not all legends about hunters are true. She realizes she and Jon may have more in common than she ever could have imagined— and icy hostility melts into forbidden attraction.

But it doesn’t matter how he begins to look at her— it can’t matter. If Jon discovers her secret, Sylvia knows her fate is sealed. With the full moon's ominous countdown away, Sylvia and the hunters race against time with the fate of countless lives—including Sylvia's—hanging in the balance.

After all, killing a monster is easy compared to falling in love with someone you shouldn’t.

Perfect for fans of SUPERNATURAL and R.J. Anderson’s KNIFE, SHOT IN THE DARK is an action-packed urban fantasy novel that explores the courage it takes to embrace our true identity entwined with haunting themes of forbidden love and found family.



  • Enemies to lovers 
  •  Slow burn
  •  Forbidden love
  •  Fairies and monsters
  •  Dual POV
  •  Supernatural vibes
  •  “Who did this to you?”
  •  Found family
  •  Different worlds
  •  Bi Rep


Content Warnings:

  • Kidnapping/captivity
  • Death of a parent
  • Profanity
  • Blood
  • Gun violence
  • Alcohol
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