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Relinquishing Control by J.J. Arias (Signed)

Relinquishing Control by J.J. Arias (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'Relinquishing Control' by J.J. Arias !


Dominion book 3


The only deal she can’t close might just open her heart.

Natalia Flores rules her exclusive talent agency with an iron fist, brokering blockbuster deals while keeping everyone at arm’s length. But beneath the cold exterior lies a heart that yearns to be understood.

Enter Professor Samantha Reyes—brilliant, fierce, and unwilling to let Natalia manipulate her way into the film rights to her book. Their encounters spark with tension and undeniable chemistry.

For the first time, Natalia faces someone not swayed by her tactics. Yet she won't give up her pursuit of the lucrative rights, even as an irresistible attraction grows. Natalia is soon forced to make an impossible choice — between furthering her ambitions or embracing a once-in-a-lifetime love.

In a world where control is everything, can two powerful women let go of their fears to find a love that’s worth the risk?

Relinquishing Control is a steamy page-turner about ambition, authenticity, and defrosting the ultimate ice queen.

Relinquishing Control is the third book in the Dominion series. A steamy, sapphic series set in a Miami talent agency and centered on strong women and the ladies who can't resist them.


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