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One Wicked Night by Colette Rivera (Signed Book Plate)

One Wicked Night by Colette Rivera (Signed Book Plate)

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This is a copy of 'One Wicked Night' by Colette Rivera! (Book is not signed, but will have a signed book plate + swag included.)

Love & Magic book 3


After one unforgettable night they were never supposed to see each other again.

Tristan Taylor Tomás finally has the career opportunity he’s been waiting for but it means moving across the country and leaving everything behind. A year’s worth of flirting with a hot mysterious man over coffee orders has come to nothing.


Powerful Witch, Edwin Bickel follows the rules. Especially the ones he sets for himself. His life is carefully constructed, change unwelcome, until sweet Mortal Tristan tempts the misanthropic Witch into abandoning his moratorium on love.

But Edwin’s past casts a long shadow and he won’t risk getting close to Tristan… so one night is all they have.

When a chance re-encounter has magic of its own, Edwin can’t bring himself to walk away any more than he can allow himself to open up. A casual affair seems like the perfect answer, however Edwin isn’t the only Witchy influence in Tristan’s new life.

Tristan doesn’t know magic exists and something sinister is lurking out of sight.

Can Edwin trust Tristan to help stop the biggest magical crime New York has ever seen? And can a Mortal looking for love ever make it work with a Witch who’s spent his life guarding his heart?

One Wicked Night is a sweet and steamy gay paranormal romance. Tropes include: grumpy/sunshine, one night stand, opposites attract, and Witch/Mortal. HEA guaranteed! It is book three in the Love & Magic series but can be read as a stand alone if you don't mind spoilers for previous books. If you intend to read all books in the series they are best enjoyed in order. This book is intended for adult audiences. 



  • Paranormal Investigators
  • Frenemies to Lovers
  • Forced Proximity
  • Secrets
  • Your Past Back to Haunt You


Content Warnings:

  • Magical mind control
  • Gaslighting
  • Blackmail
  • Characters being framed for a crime (ultimately unsuccessfully)
  • Kidnapping of side characters
  • Victim blaming (challenged, and not in relation to SA)
  • Emotionally manipulative/abusive parental relationship
  • One instance of on page magical violence
  • Sexual content: intended for mature audiences only
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