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On The Rocks by Marja Graham (Signed)

On The Rocks by Marja Graham (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'On The Rocks' by Marja Graham! (Swag included)


Fool's Gambit book 1 


Lacey Decker has always felt like a footnote in her own reality, settling comfortably out of sight behind the lens as an NHL photographer. Her life of curated, clear cut lines and control is thrown into a tailspin after she finds letters from her late mother. The discovery forces her to reconnect with her rockstar father and face old wounds.

As a member of the beloved band Fool’s Gambit, Drew Mariano had the world at his fingertips. But that was a decade ago. Now, he’s floating through life and unable to break free from the past. With the band’s ten year reunion on the horizon, he must confront the secret that may make him incapable of returning to the stage with his bandmates. His heavy burden is briefly lifted when a stranger helps him escape his worries for a single night.

When they find themselves living under the same roof, Lacey and Drew resolve to remain strangers. But with identities kept hidden, they are left unaware of the thread of fate that has been tying them together for years...


  • Hidden Identities
  • Roommates
  • Mental Health Rep
  • Forced Proximity
  • He falls first
  • Rockstar romance


Content Warnings:

  • Discussion of grief and grieving 
  • Death of a parent (off page before the start of the book) 
  • Absent parent
  • Anxiety 
  • On page panic attacks 
  • Drug and alcohol use 
  • Explicit sexual conent


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