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Moving On With You by Liss Montoya (Signed)

Moving On With You by Liss Montoya (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'Moving On With You' by Liss Montoya! (Swag included)


With You Series - Book 3


The woman of my dreams walked into my life one summer night and my heart trembled with how right she felt.

But when I decided to make a move, I was already taken. By two pink lines that resulted from a one night stand from before I met her.

Deciding to be the father my baby deserves I put Sofia firmly in the friend zone much to my heart's torment.

Months later I learn I was lied to and realize Sofia might not be as off-limits to me as I thought.

Can I make her see that we are destined to be more than friends?



  • Friends to Lovers
  • New Adult
  • Mutual Pining
  • Sports Romance (Soccer Coach)
  • Found Family
  • Latin characters
  • Curvy FMC
  • No 3rd Act Breakup


    Content Warnings:

    • Explicit Language
    • Open Door Sexual Content
    • Stalker 
    • FMC in Danger
    • Kidnapping
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