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Entangled With You by Liss Montoya (Signed)

Entangled With You by Liss Montoya (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'Entangled With You' by Liss Montoya! (Swag included)


With You Series - Book 4


When we met years ago, sparks flew when we became entangled with each other for a magical night. 


A soccer star whose dreams are finally coming true. She has a burning desire in her soul to score in life and love. 

But when her professional dreams become her reality, she’s still stuck on that night four years ago on the beach with him

He comes back into her life in an unexpected way, but he doesn’t know it’s her. Is that same magic still there or has she lost him forever?


A brilliant engineer who keeps a playbook of methods in place to keep his mind from taking control of his actions. 

But when it comes to Cattleya, there is no playbook that will keep his thoughts from running wild. When he’s convinced to move on, he meets an angel on a dating app who makes the guilt of forgetting Cattleya subside. 

But when he finds out she’s behind the photos he’s fallen for, his mind is set on a whirlwind path to overthinking on how to become the man she deserves. 

Will Matias and Cattleya be able to rediscover each other when victory on and off the field comes with a dangerous ultimatum?



  • Forbidden Romance
  • Bad A** Soccer Player FMC
  • Quiet and Smart Tattooed MMC
  • Online Dating
  • Mental Health Rep
  • A Web of Lies that Will Threaten the MCs
  • Secret Romance
  • It’s Always Been You
  • All the Spice and Latin Flavor
  • No Third Act Breakup


Content Warnings:

  • Explicit Language
  • Open Door Sexual Content
  • Unalive threats
  • Mass sho0ting (non descriptive)
  • Dead of a character (not a main character)
  • Main character deals with anxiety 
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