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Matching All The Way by Veronica Eden (Signed)

Matching All The Way by Veronica Eden (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'Matching All The Way' by Veronica Eden! 


Matching All the Way is a full length standalone hockey romance set in the same world as the Heston U Hotshots series. Read the series in any order.


Nothing’s more romantic than matching with the same guy every time you reluctantly download a dating app. Hotter than ever—check. Off limits—double check. Why does the universe hate me?

Cole Kincaid is unfairly irresistible and the one guy I’ll never have. My brother’s best friend is all grown up, but he’s not here to witness my messy girl era. He’s Dad’s new assistant coach for Heston U’s hockey team.

Match me once, we’ll laugh it off and never talk about it again.

Match me twice, well this is awkward.

Match me three-four-five times? My resolve is only so strong.

Constantly enduring Cole’s charm in this small town is tempting enough thanks to the pesky crush I never got over. We’re matching all the way whether I like it or not. After a bad breakup, I’m only interested in avoiding loneliness through winter.

And at rematch number…I’ve lost count, it turns out he wants to help me with that.

What begins as an enticing game of sneaking around in secret turns into something neither of us can walk away from once the snow melts. The question is…how long can we hide this?



  • Coach’s Daughter & Assistant Coach
  • Sports Romance
  • Secret Relationship
  • Brother’s Best Friend
  • Small Town Holiday Vibes
  • He 👏 Falls 👏 First


Content Warnings:

  • n/a
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