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Losing Control by J.J. Arias (Signed)

Losing Control by J.J. Arias (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'Losing Control' by J.J. Arias !


Dominion book 1


A seductive love story of passion, rebellion, and the courage to love, Losing Control will leave you breathless.

Strait-laced talent agent Adriana Ortiz’s world is rocked when she’s thrust into the tumultuous orbit of Roxy, the raw, enigmatic pop rebel with a notorious edge and a guarded heart.

Tasked with steering the wild Roxy on a whirlwind tour, Adriana boards Roxy’s opulent tour bus. The nights are filled with roaring crowds, but it’s the electric tension between Roxy and Adriana that sets the air on fire.

As they blaze through cities, the magnetic pull between them turns undeniable. A forbidden connection that threatens to consume them.

But for Roxy, who’s danced on the edge of fleeting passions and never let anyone through the barriers around her heart, the intensity is too real. Is she ready to take a chance on genuine intimacy?

Is the wild, unbridled Roxy worth the risk to Adriana’s career, or is she just another woman falling victim to Roxy’s charms?

Get hooked on this opposites-attract, forbidden, rockstar sapphic romance with sizzling chemistry.

Losing Control is the first book in the Dominion series. A steamy, sapphic series set in a Miami talent agency and centered on strong women and the ladies who can't resist them.


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