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Lipstick & Camera Clicks by D.J. Murphy (Signed)

Lipstick & Camera Clicks by D.J. Murphy (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'Lipstick & Camera Clicks' by D.J. Murphy! (Swag included)



If you told me I’d be on a reality dating show with a man I can’t stand, while the guy I haven’t been able to forget films it all, I’d tell you to kick rocks. But alas, here I am, pretending to fall in love with a man who’d marry himself if he could all while my tv producer best friend has front seats to it all. It’d be a lot easier if the if the self-centered bachelor wasn’t hot as hell and charming beyond reason when the cameras are rolling. Or if I didn’t get heart palpitations every time my best friend looked at me.

Hot emotionally stunted men and old crushes aside, I’ve sworn off dating. I know people say that and then they’re with someone new next week, but I mean it. After being betrayed, I’m doing this for me, myself and I. While the other women compete for love, I’m here to collect a check and gain enough clout to help kick off my career as a makeup artist. If it’s between success or moving back in with my nagging mother, I’m not letting men knock me off my game.



  • Love Triangle
  • Best Friend's Brother
  • Slow Burn with High Tension
  • Fake Dating
  • Forced Proximity


Content Warnings:

  • n/a
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