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If I Never Remember by Meagan Williamson (Signed)

If I Never Remember by Meagan Williamson (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'If I Never Remember' by Meagan Williamson!


Remember Me - Book 1



Teddy’s life isn’t her own anymore. It’s been nine months since the accident, and she still can’t remember anything from before it. When all hope rests on the heart-shaped sketch from the six summers she spent in Bear Lake, she memorizes it. A last resort in the laundry list of failed attempts at restoring her memory. When it becomes just another reminder that she’s disappointing the people she loves, Teddy vows to leave the small town at the end of the summer. Until her path collides with the two handsome faces from that sketch.

Reed is her new coworker at her summer job. He’s confident, eager to spend time with her, and hard to ignore. If it weren’t for their alluded history, she could use a friend. Miles is quiet, reluctant to open up, and pretending not to know her. Avoiding him is impossible while he’s living next door. But he’s the only one who seems to understand what she’s going through.

The more time she spends with them, the more Teddy begins to live her own life again. She’s starting over in the one place she thought she’d need to leave behind. Until a pivotal moment tests just how much she is willing to give up before she defines her future for good.

A coming-of-age romance with nostalgic heart, summer love, and second chances.



  • coming-of-age
  • summer love 
  • ”it’s always been you”
  • love triangle 
  • childhood friends to lovers 
  • small lake town


Content Warnings

  • Parent who abandons a child
  • Character with diabetes
  • One intimate scene but not explicit in detail
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