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Fighting for Control by J.J. Arias (Signed)

Fighting for Control by J.J. Arias (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'Fighting for Control' by J.J. Arias !


Dominion book 2


When sparks fly between a tenacious talent agent and a sharp-witted lawyer, a heated rivalry transforms into an irresistible attraction in this sizzling enemies-to-lovers sapphic romance.

Lola Barros is a rising talent agent burning with ambition in Miami's glitzy entertainment world. Carmen Vargas is a dedicated lawyer poised to conquer the legal field, anchored by her family's prestigious firm. Their shared high-rise is the only thing these two powerhouses have in common—until a trivial parking mishap snowballs into a full-blown feud.

Facing eviction from their quirky billionaire landlord, Lola and Carmen are thrust into unconventional anger management sessions led by the landlord’s eccentric spiritual guide. Amidst a storm of unexpected encounters, their fiery rivalry gives way to smoldering desire.

But yielding to desire isn't straightforward. Between the shadows of demanding careers and familial expectations, their love is tested. Can Lola and Carmen find a balance between ambition and affection?

Fighting for Control delves deep into the hearts of two fierce women, exploring the electric tension when an unstoppable force meets an immovable heart.

Fighting for Control is the second book in the Dominion series. A steamy, sapphic series set in a Miami talent agency and centered on strong women and the ladies who can't resist them.


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