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Falling for Fairytales by Isabel Barreiro (Signed PRE ORDER)

Falling for Fairytales by Isabel Barreiro (Signed PRE ORDER)

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This is a signed preorder for 'Falling for Fairytales' by Isabel Barreiro! (Swag included)

Books will ship in June.


Lavender Falls Series - Book 1


Lilianna Rosario is an anxious witch trying to succeed in living a normal life without setting napkins on fire. Well as normal as any supernatural can be living in Lavender Falls. With the Full Moon Fall Festival around the corner she is going to do whatever it takes to get promoted. However when her old best friend moves back forgotten feelings begin bubbling back.

Celestino Santos is happy to return home after spending years away. City life was suffocating and he's hoping being back home will be what he's been missing. But that also means being around his old best friend, the one who bewitched his heart when they were kids. But she isn't the same bookworm he grew up with. Working together to put on a Cursed Pub Crawl for their town's festival a mystery begins to unfold.

Someone or something has been keeping a secret. Emotions, routines and boundaries begin getting pushed. With their jobs in each others hands can they stay on track when feelings begin blurring the lines? Can two childhood friends figure out their fairy tale ending?



  • childhood friends to lovers
  • small town
  • anxious witch
  • cinnamon roll warlock 
  • magical pub crawl
  • workplace romance
  • rules


Content Warnings:

  • On page anxiety attack
  • Explicit Language
  • Open Door Sexual Content
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