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Clean Point by Meg Jones (Signed Book Plate + Swag PREORDER)

Clean Point by Meg Jones (Signed Book Plate + Swag PREORDER)

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This is a preorder for 'Clean Point' by Meg Jones!

Book is not signed, but will have a signed book plate overlaid in the cover page. Book also includes 

- 2 Stickers

- 1 character art print

-  1 Bookmark 

Books are estimated to ship by end of August. If you order other items with this book, ALL ITEMS will ship together. If you want the other items earlier, please make a separate purchase. 




A Mixed Doubles to Lovers Tennis Sports Romance

Scottie Sinclair is a cheat.

Or at least, that’s what the world thinks. After all, who would believe her own father secretly drugged her?

The tabloids have called ‘Game, Set, Match’ on Scottie’s career–but an offer at redemption, and more importantly revenge, may give her the chance at a clean serve.

Nico Kotas reigned the tennis world for almost a decade–until an injury took him from the baseline.

Now with a clear bill of health, he’s hungry for one last title. But his public image needs a new game plan — and according to his coach, his former rival’s daughter is the perfect advantage.

But with old enemies on the sidelines, scandal is seconds away.

Because, after all, revenge is best served Centre Court.



  • Sports Romance
  • Celebrity
  • Pro Athletes
  • Father's Rival to Mixed Doubles Partners
  • Aging sport star x Disgraced up and comer
  • Age Gap
  • Fake Dating
  • Forced Proximity
  • Open Door
  • Dual POV


Content Warnings: 

  • Abusive father/coach
  • Mentions of intentional and secret drugging / medical misuse
  • Mentions of disordered eating due to training
  • Open door scenes
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Sexual harassment (including minor verbal abuse and slut shaming)
  • Injury due to extreme training
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