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Caught on Camera by Chelsea Curto (Signed PRE ORDER)

Caught on Camera by Chelsea Curto (Signed PRE ORDER)

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This is a signed copy of 'Caught on Camera' by Chelsea Curto! (Swag Included - two art prints and three stickers)


Love Through A Lens - Book 2


Shawn Holmes is the youngest head coach in NFL history, and his team has the best record in the league. He should be excited about their win streak, but he's distracted by his best friend, Lacey Daniels, sitting in the stands at his game with a date.

When Lacey’s date refuses to kiss her on the kiss cam, she’s mortified… until Shawn saves the day, jumping in to kiss her in front of seventy thousand screaming fans.

The kiss doesn’t mean anything--it's just a friend helping out a friend. But when a video of their PDA goes viral, Lacey and Shawn are forced to reevaluate how to handle the publicity.

With Shawn's family asking when he's going to settle down and Lacey wanting to impress her boss at the hospital Christmas gala she's supposed to attend, they agree to pretend to date each other through the holidays.



  • fake dating
  • friends to lovers
  • just once to get it out of our systems
  • slow burn


Content Warnings:

  • Explicit Language
  • on page panic attack
  • mention of divorce and infertility (in passing, not descriptive)
  • explicit sexual themes including multiple descriptive intimate moments between two characters and words that might be considered degrading (three times, briefly mentioned)
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