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Feel It All by Mollie Goins (Signed)

Feel It All by Mollie Goins (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'Feel It All' by Mollie Goins! 

Aster Creek Series - Book 1


Winry lives a cozy, quiet life in the small town of Aster Creek where she runs Crossroads Books and Café with her longtime friend and business partner, Ivy. She has a loving, close-knit family including her sisters Waverly and Wyla. Unknown to her family, Winry has fought a secret battle with mental health issues. She keeps her walls firmly in place and pushes the worst of her struggles down for the sake of her family.

Graham enters her world, and Winry feels intense attraction. He has special “golden retriever boyfriend” vibes and seems equally interested in getting to know her. Winry feels the need to be cautious, but a run-in with her ex leads her straight into Graham’s arms.

As the two grow closer, Winry can feel Graham trying to tear down her walls. She’s kept her battle a secret for so long, but Graham may be the one who can break her walls down. When trouble brews in their relationship and obstacles come at them from both sides, will they be drawn together, or will they drift apart?

Readers who enjoy a cozy small-town romance with some spice will delight in Feel It All. A charming and courageous kind of romance novel, Feel It All dives into the challenges that lovers who deal with mental health struggles will face. Feel It All is a swoon worthy journey that will leave readers feeling hopeful and uplifted.



  • Small Town Police Romance
  • If It's Not Her, It's No One
  • Neighbors to Lovers
  • She falls first, he falls harder
  • Boss's Daughter
  • Forced Proximity
  • Mental Health Rep


Content Warnings:

  • Open Door Spice
  • Explicit Language
  • General depression
  • Severe anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts
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