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Before the Storm by Maria Rigou (Special Edition - Signed PRE ORDER) (Tres Fuegos Book 2)

Before the Storm by Maria Rigou (Special Edition - Signed PRE ORDER) (Tres Fuegos Book 2)

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This is a signed preorder for the special edition cover of 'Before the Storm' by Maria Rigou! (Swag included)

Books will ship end of June.



Love has the power to reignite even in the darkest of times.

Three years after she moved back to her hometown, Lucía Williams finds herself drowning in her own emotional wounds. With her past holding her hostage and her future hazy, she’s lost her spark. Until she finds herself face-to-face with Francisco Gómez Alcorta, one of the biggest shadows from before, and someone whose charm masks a storm of his own.

Memories rise like ghosts, rekindling a love that was never confessed but forever etched in their hearts. But their second chance is tangled in a web of unresolved grief and unspoken guilt, enhanced by their forced proximity and a never-ending amount of rain.

Before the Storm is a story of defying fate, of comforting the wounds that bind us, and of rewriting the past against the breathtaking backdrop of a charming small mountain town.



  • Latina FMC
  • Second Chance 
  • Mutual Pining
  • Forced Proximity
  • Secret Tattoos 
  • Small Town


Content Warnings:

  • death of a relative
  • toxic familial relationships
  • mentions of grief
  • fears and mental health issues
  • vulgar language
  • consensual sensually explicit content
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