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After the Fire by Maria Rigou (Special Edition - Signed PRE ORDER) (Tres Fuegos Book 1)

After the Fire by Maria Rigou (Special Edition - Signed PRE ORDER) (Tres Fuegos Book 1)

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This is a signed preorder for the special edition cover of 'After the Fire' by Maria Rigou! (Swag included)

Books will ship end of June.



Running away is not the same as letting go.
No es lo mismo escapar que dejar ir.

Victoria Aguirre Sáenz has it all. One of the most successful lawyers in the city she was born and raised in, everything in her life has been planned to perfection by her socialite grandmother, Susana.

When Victoria’s life is turned upside down on the eve of her wedding to one of Buenos Aires’s most eligible bachelors, she catches fire. The sparks that ignite take her on a journey of self-discovery she never expected, ending in the small town of Tres Fuegos, home to none other than the perfectly obnoxious (emphasis on perfect) Santiago Williams, her top rival from law school.

She was born amidst crisis—both her family’s and her country’s—and up until that day, nothing ruffled her feathers; Susana always made sure of that. Yet something about Santiago’s patience and understanding slowly brings her walls down in a way she never saw coming.

Victoria isn’t looking for answers, but when she discovers that her grandmother may have been hiding a huge family secret, she finds them anyway.

After the Fire is a story about our past, our present, and our future, and how the actions of those who preceded us have much more pull than we think.



  • Latina FMC
  • Rivals to Lovers
  • Grumpy x Sunshine
  • Runaway Bride
  • Buried Family Secrets 
  • Small Town


Content Warnings:

  • death of a relative
  • references to alcohol abuse and cheating (not on page)
  • strong language
  • on page sexual content
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