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A Lifetime With You by Liss Montoya (Signed)

A Lifetime With You by Liss Montoya (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'A Lifetime With You' by Liss Montoya! (Swag included)


With You Series - Book 1


Out celebrating and basking in the glory of Argentina's Soccer Team victory, I saw her watching me with a mix of sadness and intrigue.

My curiosity was instantly piqued.

As our lips met, a blazing fire erupted in me, binding my heart to hers.

She tasted like destiny.

With each passing moment, I find myself falling deeper for Daniela. But our time is limited, as she is in Argentina just for the summer.

The looming deadlines remind me that soon, we will have to say goodbye.

Can I convince her that we are meant to be? Or will the distance tear us apart?

I know she came to find solace in Argentina after losing her parents, but now my heart will shatter if she leaves.

I'm determined to make every moment count and show her that true love can last a lifetime.



  • Soulmates
  • New Adult
  • Latino Characters
  • Summer in Argentina
  • Golden Retriever Hero
  • Emotional Scars
  • Each Other’s First
  • Football (soccer)


Content Warnings:

  • Explicit Language
  • Open Door Sexual Content
  • Grief 
  • Death of Parents
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