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Wicked Saint (Discreet) by Veronica Eden (Signed)

Wicked Saint (Discreet) by Veronica Eden (Signed)

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This is a signed copy of 'Wicked Saint' (Discreet) by Veronica Eden! (Swag included)


Sinners and Saint book 1 


This is the discreet print edition of Wicked Saint.


He stole my first kiss…and now he thinks everything else is his.

I said no to the one person no one at this school dares to refuse.

Now I’m targeted by jealous girls, guys that compete to be the first to “break the prude”, and by him. After one kiss, the king of the school hunts me down like I’m a conquest to win. He’ll have to fight harder than that, because I’m no one’s trophy.

They all want a piece of me, but I will not bend or break for them.


No one refuses the king.

One case of mistaken identity and a hasty kiss turned my world upside down.

The new girl refused me. Not only that, she threw down the gauntlet. That won’t stand. No one ever says no to me. This school is mine and she’ll learn her place as a loyal follower or her life is going up in flames.

I’ll make her say yes. She’ll be screaming it before I’m finished breaking her.

Wicked Saint is book 1 of the Sinners and Saints series. The Sinners and Saints books are interconnected bully romance standalones that can be enjoyed in any order.


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